How to ensure that your social media campaign is not running blind.

Ashwin Pendse

How to ensure that your social media campaign isn’t running blind.

Social Media Campaign (SMC) is a carefully strategized and very effective function to increase the brand value of a brand on social media. A properly designed and performed SMC can help a brand achieve great success.

Developing a successful social media campaign requires a lot of brainstorming, but the response to it can be predicted. Hence it is necessary to carefully observe and evaluate the performance of your SMC to ensure that all your efforts don’t fritter away. This post will help you develop a system to monitor your SMC effectively.


1.     Set Objectives

People with goals will succeed cause they know where they are is as simple as that”Earl Nightingale

To measure anything you first need to determine what is to be measured and on what grounds. While developing a Social media Campaign, you need to determine what goals you want to accomplish using it and what platforms are best to achieve it.

The benefit behind setting Objectives is that it helps you develop your SMC plus it gives you a base, with which you can compare.


For example:

  • ·         The objective can be to increase brand awareness or to position with a specific value.


2.      Determine suitable metrics and tools to measure them

Once you have set your objectives for the SMC, you need to determine the metrics to compare them with the actual performance. Metrics are the standards of measurement on which you can measure your performance in quantifiable terms. Many platforms like Facebook provide you tools to measure your performance. These metrics and websites like Hootsuite or Google analytics can help. If not, you can develop your own systems that can evaluate specific metrics that concerns your SMC’s objective


For example:

  • To measure awareness, use metrics like volume, page likes etc. To know how far is your message spreading?
  • To measure engagement, look for metrics around retweets, comments, replies, and shares. To know how many people are participating, what are their inputs and how they are helping in spreading it all over the internet?


3.     Monitor performance on the go

So, you’ve established the end goal(s) of your social media campaign and you know the metrics that will ascertain the success or failure of your goals. Now themost important function while the campaign is ongoing is to regularly monitor your Campaign’s performance. The above mentioned tools help you monitor your SMC in real time. The purpose here is to to check the metrics for any deviation in the actual performance with the set standards. If there is a deviation, you need to plan out what should be done to correct it.

 Also, all of the above things will give you is results in quantifiable terms, but to understand the quality by which your SMC is performing,  you need to concurrently deal with engagement to understand what quality of work is your SMC doing. All of this must be done on a daily basis or at least weekly whilst the campaign is continued.


4.     Follow-up 

When you are running a SMC you need to be on your toes. As soon as you come across any inadequacy in the results, you need to follow up quickly and take corrective measures to rectify the situation. For this, you can make little changes in the content, strategy, etc. plus you need to handle all the interactions with your audiences accurately to generate leads or leave an impact.

Remember, that monitoring and follow up works together in a cycle and hence, are to be carried out continuously


5.     Generate a report

Once the campaign is completed you should generate a report about taking in account all the factors, actions, plans etc of the campaign. Generating a report helps in understanding every possible positive or negative effect of the campaign and where and at what level of impact it has created. These reports give us a look at our mistakes and our slip-ups and what not to do next time.

You can also create a case study if you achieve extravagant results and want to make it a benchmark for your next campaign(s).


Social media campaign are very crucial for any brand to make an influence in the digital world so it need not to be developed with lot of efforts but should be managed very meticulously for which, the above mentioned steps would aid immensely.

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