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LinkedIn Newsletter for your Company Page: A Comprehensive Guide

LinkedIn Newsletter is a relatively new feature integrated into the platform for better reach and connectivity with the audience. The newsletter has always been a powerful tool to help a brand create an image and build a relationship with the viewers.

In this article, we will help you navigate through the feature and try to answer all your queries on how to take advantage of this highly impactful marketing tool.

What is a LinkedIn Newsletter, and how does it work?

Similar to an email newsletter, this also allows you to post a series of articles on the social media platform. But unlike email, a LinkedIn Newsletter is focused on a particular domain based on your expertise or your audience's requirements.

You can decide to share these articles on a regular schedule- preferably on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, and create only one newsletter as yourself or the page admin and post at the most up to one article, in 24 hours.

But to create a newsletter, your LinkedIn page needs to fulfill a few criteria as decided by the organization.

1. Your page must have at least 150 followers.

2. You must have a history of publishing original articles and posts.

3. You must follow LinkedIn's Professional Community Policies.

Once you ensure that your company meets these prerequisites, it will become eligible for consideration to create a LinkedIn Newsletter. LinkedIn is reviewing qualified pages and giving access to the tool.

Why do you need to use LinkedIn Newsletter?

Newsletters give your company a better chance of exposure and connecting with a vast audience. It helps increase your visibility online by giving regular notifications to your readers whenever you post a new article.

You can also share a wide range of topics like thought leadership, case studies, and more to express your company's perspectives and beliefs. It can be done better with newsletters as these are in-depth discussions whereas LinkedIn posts need to be precise with a very crisp word limit.

How to create a LinkedIn Newsletter for your company page?

1. Select where to Publish: You need to start by selecting an appropriate page to make your newsletter based on the theme of the letter. If your business has multiple ventures, you might want to decide which topic to pick for the newsletter and create it on that page. You also need to ensure that you have the appropriate access to the page. You must be the super admin of the LinkedIn page to be able to create a LinkedIn Newsletter.

2. Set up the newsletter: To create a newsletter, you first need to open the write article section. You can find it at the top of the page where you plan to publish the letter. You will find the Write Article button in the post composer next to the poll option. Once you click the write article button, you will find the Create a newsletter button in the publishing menu. Clicking upon it will take you to another prompt where you can enter the details of your newsletter. It is advised that you wisely choose the title and description to increase engagement and subscriptions.

You can begin writing your first newsletter issue after completing this process. Keep the ideal writing styles and tips in mind while creating content for your newsletter. We hope our article helps you embark on this journey.