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A Step By Step Guide For Successful Email Marketing

Did u know that the people having email accounts are 3 times higher as compared to the people using Facebook and Twitter together? Also, emails have 6 times more chances of click through as compared to Facebook and Twitter. Emails have the highest ROI of any marketing channel available.

After knowing this you must be keen to start email marketing to drive sales and revenue for your business. But before I discuss with you the steps to successful email marketing let’s know what email marketing is all about.

Email marketing

refers to the sending of a commercial message to a group of people, using email, which in turn is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. This involves: Using emails to

1. Send advertisements

2. Request business

3. Solicit sales

Let us now see the tips to make email marketing successful

Try being useful

Be helpful and generous to your readers. Don’t email them only when you need something.

Avoid wasting time

Email only when you have a content that is valuable and worthy of being read.

Give your email a personal touch

Write as if you are emailing one person only which makes your email more personal. Avoid mentioning the concerned person’s name too many times as it may seem a bit creepy.

Reward your readers

You can reward your readers by sharing useful tips with them, making them feel better and also inspiring them.

So these were a few tips to keep in mind while doing the email marketing. But, how do you make sure that your emails get opened?

Most inboxes are filled to the brim with uninteresting and boring emails. You must be thinking that after all this how you make sure that you attract and tempt people to read your emails. For this, you need to-

Promise something good

If you keep people informed and they know that you provide them with the content they want to read they will be curious to read even more.

Use interest evoking subject line

Readers usually judge an email on the basis of its subject line. Therefore you need to make sure you use a compelling subject line.

Orient yourself to mobile devices

Most of the emails these days are read on mobile phones. The first four words or 50 characters of your subject line are the most important since that’s all mobile readers will see, so focus the most on the initial words in your subject line.

So, you’ve successfully got your audience to open your emails.

Now what? As a business owner, you have to sell to stay in business. For this, you need to follow the following tips to convert your readers into buyers.

Highlight the benefits

Your prospect needs to know the benefits you will be offering in order to convert them into a buyer. Therefore don’t just sell your product but also its benefits.

Call to Action

Lead your readers to know what they need to do next and also remind them why it is important for them to buy your product.

Insert links

This increases the chances of the readers clicking the link and going through all the specifications.

Ultimately, the time and effort you put using the above-mentioned tips will help you translate into successful results.

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