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10 tips to create the best Instagram bio for your business?

Instagram has become a popular choice for businesses to grow and reach their target customers. After your username, the first thing your audience notices while deciding to follow your account is your Instagram bio.

Instagram bio is a very efficient way to stand out from the crowd of millions of business profiles. The Instagram profile is an easy option for your potential customers to reach your business and initiate sales.

Your Instagram bio should be simple and crisp for your audience to understand your business clearly. Here are the top 10 tips to create the best Instagram bio for your business.

1. Creative Instagram Bio Copy

Instagram bio copies are ideal for clearly stating what your business is all about. Highlight your company’s unique selling point (USP) through proper language and tone according to your business values. Use the Instagram bio section to promote your products and services, offers and discounts, and more. Optimize the bio copy carefully as per your brand’s persona and your followers.

2. A compelling CTA Button

A Call-TO-Action (CTA) button in your Instagram bio is a great way to ask for a sale at the end of your pitch. Your CTA should not only convince people to act but also tell them what to do and how to do it. Add CTA contact buttons including call, text, directions, and email to your profile that makes getting in touch as easy as a single tap. Depending upon your business, you can also add appointment booking tools like book, order, and reserve.

3. Strong Landing pages

Instead of linking your Instagram to your website’s home page, link it to a mobile-friendly landing page, solely designed for Instagram. Apps like Linktree and SproutLink create landing pages for your business where you can list important resources. This way you can lead your audience towards useful content and resources mentioned in your posts, stories, and reels.

4. Story Highlights

Highlight albums on your business profile are great ways to share diverse content. Story highlights are ideal for showing your business working, answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), showcasing products and services, sharing customer testimonials, and much more.

5. Relevant Hashtags

An important factor in increasing your reach is understanding the hashtags your target audience is most likely to use and engage with. Use a combination of popular and niche-specific hashtags to target relevant audiences. Don’t forget to analyze and understand the hashtags that bring traffic to your posts. The insights for your posts will tell you the number of impressions that come from hashtags.

6. Importance of Keywords

Like the rest of the search results, keywords have become equally relevant on Instagram too. Instagram nowadays recommends including keywords along with relevant usernames, hashtags, and locations in your content. Including relevant keywords in bio copies and post captions help with discoverability in the search world.

7. Social proof

A good business bio for Instagram can act as your business portfolio and provide social proof of your brand. You can showcase your business work samples, press features, awards, media appearances, customer testimonials, and more such content to build trust and credibility among followers. Story highlights are also a great way to maintain your business’s social proof.

8. Utilize the shopping feature

Instagram’s shopping feature is perfect for various businesses, especially retail and eCommerce. Using the native feature of Instagram, you can beautifully showcase your products and your customers can browse through a range of these products. The shopping feature helps you increase your online sales and drive relevant traffic to your online shop.

9. Business Category

Instagram for mobile offers a unique feature to add a category for your business that shows up under your name. The category feature gives people a glance at what you do in a word or two, thus freeing up space in your bio copy. You can choose from over 1500 categories on Instagram for your business.

10. Link to other profiles

Adding multiple profile links is perfect for businesses that manage multiple accounts. You can tag your personal or another business account, or an amazing project that you’ve managed and has its own handle, in your bio. This helps your audience identify your relevant works as well. Be careful adding other profiles as they navigate your audience away from your page.

Your business’s Instagram bio gives your existing and potential customers valuable information about your business. Use these Instagram bio tips to optimize your Instagram profile and improve your reach and engagement.

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