5 Things I Learned After Working For 5 Years

5 Things I Learned After Working For 5 Years

My life has been unique in the sense of not doing things in patterns set by society and my professional life has been no exception. I was supposedly preparing for UPSC exams for like 10 years (that too after having a professional degree in tourism) and ended up rather working in Digital Marketing sector. That's a story in itself. But the journey has been rather exciting yet challenging for a novice & a 28 years old "Fresher", who just didn't know the M of Marketing...

Now after completing 5 work anniversaries in my company i.e. Key Elements, I have learned a lot of things and here I am sharing 5 things which can be viewed from both personal & professional perspectives.

1. Be Emotionally Well

When you start working or you move out of your home city to work somewhere, you get to know yourself in a much better way. Gradually, you find yourself with various emotions, triggered by your personal or professional factors. Some of such emotions are - Comparisons, Frustration, Anxiety., Loneliness etc.

If not given proper attention, they can disturb both your personal and professional lives. To deal with them effectively, you have to realize that you need to deal with them on your own. No one is going to save you. You have to be your own savior. Expressing them to your confidantes really helps, but apart from that, spiritual practices like Meditation help you to figure out the grass root reasons for them. Also, if you find yourself completely helpless, I strongly suggest going to a counselor. Meanwhile, focus on having a positive attitude & a healthy lifestyle.

2. Don't Work For Money

Yes, money is very important, but more important is that you shouldn't work for it. Work for the opportunity you are given in the first place. Work for learning new things, work for growing in your professional arena. Believe me, Money is like a shadow, if you run after it, it will always be ahead of you but if you turn back towards the Sun, here it is new opportunities & growth, Money will come after you. It will simultaneously increase as per your growth. Growth will come when you are prepared to outwork yourself. So grab as many opportunities as you get in your work area, even if they are not a part of your "job profile". Don't forget, you are paid not for the hours you spend in the office but for the value you give in those hours.

3. Sincerity Has To Be In Your Blood

Before joining my work, I never realized I could be a sincere person like the way I found myself after joining it. Part of the reason is that I was completely rudderless when I got the opportunity to join Key Elements in its nascent stage. So for me, it was everything & I devoted myself to it. Even when I was doing "Work from Home" for almost two years, my whole effort was to be as sincere as I could be with my tasks. That also involved "getting prepared" for my office, even when it was just a laptop table in my bedroom at my parent's house.

Sincerity rather shows how much attention you give to the responsibility you have been given. That becomes the stepping stone towards your accomplishment & overall persona.

In my company, I had an opportunity of working with some very amazing colleagues. who were very sincere in their work. It only showed when they went out of their way to leave a mark with their work style. Mind you, they did so despite being freshers or raw to the field of Digital Marketing.

But sincerity can't be taught. It can only be dependent on the amount of importance you give to your work or any other aspect of your life.

4. Learn Your Way To The Top

Constant learning is not reserved to the Doctors or Lawyers but it is relevant to everyone who is working in this dynamic World. When you learn new things in your work field, you actually expand the horizon of your growth & (as I mentioned in the second point) remunerations. It includes learning new skills, study about new trends and highlights pertaining to your field or finding new ways to deliver better to your clients.

Learning helps you to get ahead as it helps you to perform better but also it helps you to break the Work Plateau. Initially, when you start doing things at work, it feels exciting as they were new to you but after some time the same activities feel monotonous and you crave for something else. That's where constant learning helps you to break it. As it shatters your perceptions that "I know everything about my work" by introducing yourself with new & unexplored aspects related to your field.

5. Focus On Solutions, Not Problems

In personal life, you rather tend to focus more on the problems you come across and feeling helpless, instead of finding their solutions. The same happens in the professional arena too. Many times we get obstacles while working on something and we feel stuck & lose interest to further pursue the same thing.

Now in such situations, your energy should rather be invested at being solution-oriented & look out for the ways to solve the issues you are facing. Now here constant learning and curiosity should be your weapons to deal with such situations. You can also take help of online resources.

Believe me, finding solutions of even small problems will actually make you like mentally elevated. The feeling of conquering your obstacles also help you in outperforming yourself. So focus on what you can do about certain issues than feeling blank due to them.

So, here are the 5 things which I have learned after working for 5 years. My objective of sharing them will be fulfilled if you find them even slightly helpful and I hope they are able to resonate with your journey in life & the work you do.

Vipul Dwivedi

The one who oversees ongoing business operations & to lead the execution of strategies. A die hard Britney Spears fan & GK fanatic. He follows spirituality & is wanna be traveller.