4 Points to Consider Before Selecting Keywords for AdWords Campaign

4 Points to Consider Before Selecting Keywords for AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords offers you three types of campaigns; one of them is Search Network, which promotes your brand through text-based ads on Google. It basically runs on keywords. Its basic objective is to let people see the products, they are searching for. When you set up search network campaign, you fill your campaign with keywords, on which the ads will be shown.

But what will you consider right keywords for your campaign?

Well, here I will guide you by discussing 4 points one should consider before selecting keywords for search network campaign of any brand/product.

1. Think like a customer

Before selecting keywords, keep yourself in the place of your customers. What all search terms will he/she use on google if they were looking for some products like the one you are offering. Give a thought about your products’ user’s behaviour. This will set you on the path of right keywords selection.

2. Be Specific

Use keywords with three or four words which are specific to the products you desire to sell through AdWords. Such keywords are called Long Tail Keywords and they narrow down your customers and limit it to the right ones.

For example, you are a real estate company, offering newly constructed houses. Using keywords like “buy new homes” “new homes in xyz city” or “residential homes to live” will surely place your ads among the ones who are actually interested in buying news homes.

3. Avoid Using Single Words

Be careful regarding selecting single/individual words as your keywords. As they often have broad meanings and don’t necessarily provide the result you are hoping.

Let’s take the same real estate example; we talked about in the second point. Now if you use "homes" or "houses" as keywords in your campaign. Will it help in targeting right customers? No!

Due to their broad meaning, having "homes" as your keyword will place you in the arena where your ads will be shown to even those who are looking for home decoration or home appliances. This will give your ads huge impressions or clicks but without any conversions you desire.

4. Right Mix & Match

Use the right mixture of branded, generic & location-based keywords to have the better results from your campaign. Branded keywords are associated with your field like (the same real estate example we are going along with) “real estate company”. Generic ones are like house “buy new homes”. And location based keywords are indeed the ones with specific locations you are interested in selling your products in, like “new homes in xyz city” Also have keywords in all three match types offered by Google AdWords i.e. Board, Phrase & Exact. All of them help in creating a good search network campaign and getting desired results.

As I am enjoying sharing this knowledge with you all. So here’s one bonus point, which is indeed my favourite too.

Bonus Point:

Brand name as Keyword – Don’t forget to include your brand name as one of the keywords in your campaign. This will help you in not letting your competitors having the piece of your marketing space pie.

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