4 Points to Consider Before Selecting Keywords for AdWords Campaign

5 Important Parts Of A Successful Search Network Campaigns

Much has been said and written about having a successful Google Ads' campaigns, esp Search Network Campaigns (yes those related to text ads on Google search). It has been a widely used feature of Google Ads. But still most of the times we tend to forget optimizing these campaigns the way they should have been done. That's why I am writing about 5 Important (and very obvious) parts of a successful Search Network Campaign, which you should be doing and which are the basics to these campaigns like oxygen to us.

1. Ad Copies

Ads on your Search Network campaigns should be crisp and clear, esp with Call To Action (CTA) phrases in the end.

You know recently Google has extended the Ads with one more Headline & Description. So we have enough space on ads to highlight our products/services. Yes, my fellow Google Ads users, that struggle is over when you had to squeeze your thoughts into that previous character limitation (a big shout out to the content folks for being our savior in those situations).

That doesn't mean you use all of the parts of ads to the full extent. These extra spaces are for your disposal, but keeping your ads short & sweet is still a key. You can add further things to Ad Extensions (do they ring a bell to you or not?) Nevermind! Check more about them in the next point.

2. Ad Extensions

These mighty add-ons have been bestowed upon us by Google to let us give further extensions to our ads. And I know, that you know about them but do you use them the way they should have been used?

These extensions are simply fantastic. You can further share USPs with Callouts, mention Amenities, Types, Services etc with Structure Snippets, add a contact number with Call Extension (don't forget to TURN ON call reporting, & set time schedule to not get a call during ungodly hours). Add your map location by linking your GMB account and add extra important links with Sitelinks.

Extensions are my favourite and adding them further improve your ads' score. So what are you waiting for? Go for them!

3. Keyword Match Types

Simply putting keywords won't serve the purpose in your Search Network campaign. You have to set them in different match types to trigger the right impressions (and then clicks) for your ads.

There are 4 match types and to understand them better, here I use this keyword example "Flats in Mumbai".

Broad: Flats in Mumbai

This match type generates a lot of impressions but they are not useful all the time, because any word of your keywords (either Flats or Mumbai) may trigger your ads. You should use it but you have to keep an eye on search terms, as for whether it is showing on relevant terms or not.

Broad Modifier: +Flats in Mumbai

This is a modified form of Broad match type. Here you have to add a "+" sign before a word in your keyword which you want to focus on. So in our example, we want to highlight flats so we will add "+" accordingly. This match type should be used often.

Phrase: "Flats In Mumbai"

With this type, your ads will be shown on all the search terms which we have a phrase "Flats In Mumbai" like New Flats In Mumbai, 2 BHK Flats In Mumbai etc. It is also very useful as it matches with various relevant long tail keywords.

Exact: [Flats In Mumbai]

With this, you will have to write the keyword exactly the way it is written to get the ads shown. Make sure you use this match type on those words which you know people search as it is on Google.

Ultimately, your campaign should have a right mixture of keywords in all match types with preference given to broad modifier & phrase types.

4. Bid Adjustment

This is, I think, still an underused feature on Google Ads, esp Search Network campaigns. Apart from CPC bidding on keywords, you can also further optimize budget on certain aspects of your campaign. You can adjust bids on Location you want to highlight. Same can be done for Devices, Gender & Age Groups (where you want your ads to be shown mostly).

5. Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) & Similar Audience

We associate Remarketing with Display banners only but it can be done for your Search Network Campaigns too. Once you get enough data about your visitors (after adding Global Site Tag for Remarketing), you can further retarget those people who have visited your site without taking required action but still continue looking for same products/services on Google.

You must also target Similar Audience for your Search Network Campaign. They are the people who Google finds as per their search behavior similar to the people in remarketing list.

But for this part, it is better to wait for at least some time to let Google find enough people based on your Ads' performance.

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