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CHL is the leader in Cardiac Surgeries and Angiographies in MP with an estimated 50% market-share. CHL team, with its extensive medical experience, undertakes the highest number of CT Angio and Body scans in the state with the highest reported IP admissions and surgery volume amongst all private Hospitals/chains in Indore & MP.


To build a loyal social media following among target audience with the help of different digital and social media tools that such as Search engine optimization, blogging on platforms like Quora & Medium, strategically made social media content plans including all major & relevant, social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube.

The Challenge

The website was not quite ready & in a state to absorb the strategic SEO moves planned for the growth. There had been no active traffic which was coming in organically on the website along with little to none social media acceptance, appreciation and engagement on all active social forefronts. Building up the building blocks of our final destination i.e digital & social media growth was the first task as the foundation itself needed a lot of work to begin with.

The Solution

With a strategic alliance of carefully planned moves, we ran different communications via some of the best creative designs speaking about different emotions associated with the target audience. We ran campaigns which made the CHL Social Media Space very informative and quite vocal in its ability to interact with the audience. With our skilled designers, we formed a befitting brand guideline that paints the vocal and visual picture of what CHL stands for.



With consistent efforts, the website started seeing growth in the early September 2020, which went on to cross 400% growth by Jan 2021. Employing both Paid and Organic methods, we were able to generate 91.3% organic following to our website; with 45 performing keywords in the front focus.

With the help of the tailor-made social media strategy that opened the locks to our success; we were able to provide the page with the content just what it needed. By increasing the Facebook reach by 800%, the Instagram followers by 500% & crossed over 40,000 monthly impressions on LinkedIn & twitter impression by 39,000 in the span of 11 months has really raised our digital stature, entirely.

Check out the graph below to know in detail!


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