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Digital PR & ORM

What is Digital PR & ORM?

95% of people trust Google facts over their spouse’s/friend’s opinion.

How you or your company appears in traditional media holds a great chunk of your online reputation & you are probably missing out on the majority of users worldwide just because your online reputation is not under expert supervision.

Think about how a couple of bad online reviews and ratings generated can affect your brand image. If left unattended, they will cause irreversible damage every day to your reputation entirely. With an entire generation increasingly getting socially active, the more these bad reviews stay on record & flash on public searches more damage they cause.

Why digital PR and Online Reputation Management are Important?

Just like people, brands too develop personalities. Naturally, it is crucial to decide what and how your brand communicates with its target audience. As users are rapidly moving digitally to voice their opinions about products and services, you cannot skip on maintaining a good digital reputation.


How does digital PR and ORM helps your business?

Digital marketing has a lot of benefits that can help your brand to improve in different ways. Ignoring it can limit your brand's potential. The biggest marketing tool is referral and digital marketing can assist in sending your clients directly to your site. It is the best channel for diverse inbound traffic.

Improves Sales

With the digital era, majority of customers tend to buy products and services only after thoroughly reading its online reviews. Be it Google reviews or comments on your social media, one negative review about your brand is enough for them to change their course. On the other, a well maintained online reputation can push a potential customer to give your services a try.

Maintains Goodwill

The most vital thing that your brand can built is trust. Trust is what retains your customers and turn them into loyal ambassadors of your brand. Needless to say, it’s not always easy for brands to remain in a positive light. Building customer’s trust requires strategic planning and hence, brands need PR & ORM services.

Saves Money

Many companies overlook the importance of ORM services and in the times of crisis, pay a hefty sum of money to improve their brand image. Contrarily, investing in ORM not only build your brand’s credibility from the start but also quickly neutralizes any negativity that may arise.

How does Key Elements help you to build a good reputation online via digital PR and ORM

We have many other tricks up our sleeves to help you create, develop and maintain a brand image worthy of your efforts through an expert Digital PR plan. Talking about Online Reputation management; it is the way of managing your online profile. It’s not a one-time thing; thus, requires a fool-proof process & periodic analysis. It’s a pie made with batter so impressively prepared, that it never ceases to please your metaphorical taste buds. Digital PR is a visionary’s approach to re-imagine on what level he/she wants to take the organization. It talks about a marketing lifestyle- A plan to make it big in their industry & eventually how to scale up in all possible tangents to make a nationwide impact

Marketing Strategies

Online Reputation Management

The key to develop a fitting digital marketing strategy you need a variety of digital channels to connect with your audience.

First We Gauge

On what all platforms you are present and how much you have already made progress along with the entire set of platforms you should be present, visible & active in. With impactful strategies that help you generate great organic & paid reviews for the TG to read, believe, engage & become an organic brand endorser.

Then, We Devise

We identify your near & farther future opportunities & needs to make a plan & help you build the most perfect online reputation. Across all needed platforms, we plan & strategize to enhance your visibility & help you build channels through which you can enhance two-way communication with your TG.

Lastly, We Analyze

The performance across all sections then gets analyzed after a specific time period to know how are we performing so far, what corrective measures can be taken to stir up some action into the weak areas, along with the measures to cope with future possibilities. We will identify the opportunities for your brand to grow & be digitally visible to cover more & more online ground & stay updated with the trends.

What we do

Digital Public Relations

We Discuss & Build

We discuss & build a plan that includes every possible move that we will make.

That includes everything from endorsements on public websites, direct interviews with influencers and local media houses etc. After an Internal team discussion, we will build a structure of moves spread out through a timeline to move forward with.

We Plan & Engage

Then we plan the resources to acquire or build & parties to engage with in order to successfully accomplish what we have planned. We connect, collaborate & create what we need to move further along the timeline.

We Check & Execute

We check the parameters, associated factors & we execute the moves one by one to create a successively lasting impact. We will organize summits of local industry experts to generate awareness and spread knowledge about the industry to give your brand industry-wide exposure.