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Influencer marketing

What is influencer marketing and how does it work?

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique wherein brands collaborate or partner with people who have a wide online audience and following. It works for either the influencer and one’s business.

Usually either influencers or businesses connect with each other and create a brand story. This endorsement avoids direct up-selling for the smart consumers of today. It is done in the best possible creative manner to drive enhanced reach and engagement for either party.


Benefits of influencer marketing for your business

Almost everyone is on social media platforms and hence influencer marketing plays a major role to boost your business. It helps in:

  • Paid promotion of your product or service
  • Building trust amongst your customers
  • Enhancing your brand awareness
  • Brand recall
  • Enhances relatability within your audience
  • Aids in driving decisions of your customer
  • Grows trust for your brand
  • How to choose

    How to choose an influencer marketing agency?

    There are two ways to work with influencers and marketing your product/service online. Either, you work with a PR agency who majorly work for influencers and creators or contact a digital marketing agency working across diverse brands to make your online presence felt. Making the right choice will depend upon

    • Your niche
    • Availability of relevant agencies who specialize in your niche
    • Your budget

    You can always learn from your experiences and negotiate better for getting amazing content. All of these marketing efforts are important for your audience to know you and connect with you. Influencer marketing is more like your trustworthy person to help you make a better choice, a better purchase.

    Selecting an influencer marketing agency becomes simple when you know what are the things they need to know about you and the influencers.

    They should know who to collaborate with

    They should know your audience

    They should have a pre-planned strategy and campaigns for you to target your audience

    What we do

    Why is influencer marketing successful and how will Key Elements help you?

    Did you know the search for the keyword ‘Influencer Marketing’ rose to a whopping 325% in the year 2017? Ways of acquiring customers are changing and so should you too! The keyword amidst all of this: Relatability. Influencers facilitate this, effortlessly. Promote your brand by collaborating with the popular faces on the internet, with us! From micro to macro influencers, we make your brand reach to all kinds of netizens. Here’s how do we ace it:

    Promoting their content on your page

    Working on the content research and curation part.

    We take every little detail, right from understanding your uniqueness, your ideal customers and its location.

    We focus on measuring growth.

    Filtering influencers apt for you

    Negotiation with influencers

    All these well-structured steps make it a creative brand story that not just connects but makes a lasting impression in the minds of your potential customers.