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Dr. Nirmala Agarwal, Owner & Founder of Juhi Fertility Clinic; is one of the IVF Doctor at the Facility. She is a qualified gynecologist and obstetrician from O.U (Osmania University) and fellow of IVF and Infertility from Cleveland, USA.

Having more than 30+ Years of experience and has been passionately treating infertile couples for the last 15 years. She started Juhi Fertility Centre in 2010 & she treated more than 2000 couples with a high success rate of pregnancy and is considered as the IVF/Infertility Doctor.


To digitally spread the name across all relevant platforms that result in a greater number of ad clicks & eventually footfalls at the facility.

The Challenge

Fertility issue for anyone is a very sensitive topic. Hence, the information to be collected had to be kept discreet, and the privacy was of high-priority concern. No social media activity & less than required online presence to build up on.

The Solution

With the limited area to play, we engaged Google Ads and went with the paid search ads strategy where we targeted the population of Hyderabad with focus on high income groups to increase the number of odds expected & bending them in our favor. The Google paid ad strategy helped us reach the quality customers all throughout the Hyderabad. This resulted in the following more than 300 facility visits generated through this funnel. With all campaigns combined, we had the best grip on the set of keywords performing for us in that region & the communication ran to address the problem statement worked like a charm.



Google search ads helped us reach quality audience that resulted in the great results. With as low as 6.85/- per lead cost per click, we were able to generate 108,000 impressions and more than 6000 clicks with a 20.3% collective Click through rate.

With 65 keywords, we ranked our landing page 1st on SERPs which helped us reel in the interested visitors and convert them into ultimate footfalls on the facility.

The numbers were satisfying when we revisited keyword traffic analysis against our performance. The campaigns majorly focused on main services communications of which were kept offbeat but straight in nature. This possibly resulted in a shorter click funnel off which visitor landed an enquiry call from the service provider i.e. Juhi Fertility Clinic


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