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Form of paid advertising which helps your product or service appear at the top of search results. A way wherein search engines are paid to rank your content at the 1st SERP (Search Engine Result Pages)

There are different marketing techniques to reach at the top of the Google search your customer is looking for. When this takes the form of paid advertising, it is called search engine marketing

SEM is used to increase the visibility of your business which can be categorized in 3 types.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – PPC or Google AdWords are forms of online advertising. You bid and pay for the words and phrases which shows your ads in sponsored search results.

Local SEO – It lists your business in Google map results. If you want to advertise your business on a local scale, this type of search engine optimization suits you the best.

Organic SEO – To increase the visibility of your content in unpaid and for non-local results, you need organic SEO. This helps you to rank your website higher in an organic way.


How does it all Work?

So, here’s a thing: there are defined ways to help your customers reach your business. Alternatively it is also known as pay per click and is a part of paid digital marketing strategy to enhance your visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Here’s how PPC Works and used in marketing


The Power Of SEM

When it comes to knowing or buying anything, what is your first response in today’s time? Google it? A report says that around 81% of the people search online for a product or service. Search engine marketing is used to market online. All your online marketing efforts need the support of search engine marketing. It helps your customers recall your brand. Your business needs to be recognized to perform well. This is where SEM comes in.

It has the power to influence, attract, follow-up and convert the audience

It provides a platform to your business to grow and expand

It makes sure each and every person you target sees what your business wants to show them

What we do

How does Key Elements improve your Search Engine Marketing?

We ensure that you will have more visibility, every time people look for information related to your business on search engines.

Our experts work on researching the right set of keywords that make sense for your business.

We optimize the budget so that you spend your money correctly, followed by setting the ad campaign correctly with the right communication.

Advertising to drive paid traffic where the audience can see your work, services or products. This transparency promotes trust between you and your audience which makes their decision making easier.

Email marketing helps you to follow up and also to connect with your audience. This connection helps you to retain your customers and build a healthy long lasting relationship with them.

Coming to the soul of this entire game, we have got the perfect recipe for the landing page, customized for your unique brand. Well, our experts just do not stop here! We keep tracking the campaign metrics once it begins delivery. We keep checking the quality score of the keywords; remove negative keywords on a daily basis to ensure you get the right traffic. We keep optimizing the campaigns so that your every penny is spent wisely and on the relevant keywords. We make the entire experience of our potential customer into a hassle-free and a positive one.