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Six Ways To Engage With Customer Through Instagram

The new social media era is filled with varied options which make it easy for you to connect with your target audience. With over 2 billion active users worldwide in social media, Instagram a user-friendly app has quickly risen as a must use channel for businesses to connect with customers. Instagram has captured some of the best elements of other social media platforms and gave us an unforgettable experience to solve our customer’s problem.

Let us now explore how this photo and video sharing app help a businessman to connect with his desired target audience.

Evoke an emotion

Not every picture you post needs to be your product. Your Instagram feed should be engaging enough to be able to connect with the users. But this does not mean you can post anything and everything. Your posts should relate somewhere to your brand. Your focus should be to connect and give a solution to your audience.

Reach more people with Hashtags

Do you know, a post with at least one hashtag gains an average 12.6% more engagement than a post without hashtags. In this way, we can say that Instagram hashtags are one of the best tools for driving engagement on your posts. It helps you to organize and categorize your content which aids to the process of content optimization.

For example, a jewellery shop might post a gorgeous diamond necklace, and then use hashtags such as #DiamondNecklace, #DiamondJewellery, and #Jewellery when it’s uploaded to Instagram. By using these three hashtags, the image is catalogued that enables other Instagram users who are interested in diamond jewellery can find it.

Post at the right time

There is absolutely a right and wrong time to post content on Instagram. This same goes for all the social media platforms. In order to receive maximum interaction, you should avoid posting during working hours. The best time to post on Instagram is between 8-9 am. Also, if you post a video around 9 pm your video might receive 34% more interaction.

Posting multiple times a day can reduce your Instagram engagement. When you observe your brand's engagement rate is low after posting twice a day, try to reduce it by posting just once which in turn will help your brand.

Be more active on Instagram stories

After Snapchat, even Instagram has started #InstagramStories and gaining a lot of fame because of it. It is fun, more engaging and people feel more connected to it. If you are posting a blog or video you might get more interactions just because you posted it on your Instagram story. Like location stickers, a brand can use hashtag stickers on their Instagram stories. Get creative with features like a boomerang, a rewind mode video, eraser tool, and much more and connect with your target audience.

Host an Instagram contest

Using right hashtags, posting at the correct time, using right sentiments to connect with users will help you to generate more engagement but if you are looking to gain new followers in short span of time, hands down the best way is to host an Instagram contest. Here is a proven formula to host contest:

  • Choose a right time to post
  • Choose a prize that excites your audience
  • Create clear rules: to enter, to follow, to tag, usage of hashtags
  • Run your contest for a short period of time

Now that you know the formula to get more Instagram followers. Let us know your success stories.

Give your customer a shoutout

People love to know that they are valued. Ask your customers to review your products and post their views on brand’s Instagram story and also as a post on the feed. This will help you to increase word of mouth publicity and with this, your purpose of connecting with target audience emotionally gets fulfilled.

If you haven’t started using Instagram for your business, consider it on top of the list and try all the above strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

Saumya Agrawal

She is curious, keen to learn, always carries positive attitude with the motive to achieve the things. Being passionate, fast learner with furious understanding are her capabilities.