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Cancer care For excellence

SRJ-CBCC Cancer Hospital (Formerly known as CHL CBCC Cancer Center) is a unit owned by SRJ Health Care Pvt. Ltd.(Formerly Known as CHL Cardiac Care Pvt. Ltd.). The Hospital Provides Comprehensive state of art services in the field of surgical oncology, medical oncology, hematology & hemato-oncology & radiation oncology.


To rebrand the hospital’s name & to help spread the name as a best cancer care & specialty hospital with the help of different ORM Tools, such as blogging on platforms like Quora & Medium. Be actively visible by making a difference with their ideas on social media including all major & relevant, social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google Search Ads, Google Remarketing Ads, FB like Ads along with focusing on the brand visibility & widespread of the brand name.

The Challenge

Despite having linear problems to deal with, the hidden challenges were the major concern. The name had to be rebranded without using any reference or connection to the prior venture. The website needed work. Being a fresh born brand with ambition, there were no testimonials or the active & reliable external stakeholders.

The Solution

To achieve the desired results from the strategy; we ran paid google search ad campaigns targeting the Indore location which helped us know what is the response & what to expect from the audience. While it being the COVID time, we helped generate awareness through our social media pages by keeping it live and updated with the relevant information so that the target audience could relate to it.



We formulated a strategy that spoke to every kind of audience covering all relevant platforms. This included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads, Quora, Medium & Other Public Directories for listing. Within the time span of three months, on Facebook & Instagram combined, we managed to bag a reach of 15 crores by running paid and organic campaigns, various contests & FB Live sessions on different topics. With Google Search Ads; a sustained traffic of daily 500+ landing page visitors were generated. Remarketing ads also helped us track back the visitors & reach the collective number. Activities on social media kept the audience interested, hooked and all the contests we ran, were successful in terms of audience engagement.


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